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Marketing for the
Subprime Industry.


Who We Are

DBD Communications is a Full Service Marketing Company that offers TV, Radio, Billboard, Direct Mail, Production, Craigslist, Digital Marketing, Market Analysis, Web Services, and Social Marketing.

Transferring growing companies into powerful brands is what we do best. We’ve been creating effective marketing programs, driving customer acquisition, and aligning brand purpose by using scalable, repeatable tools that build awareness and customer loyalty since 1997.

We have spent over 20 years identifying the core customers through an extensive filtering system connected directly to the credit bureaus. By working primarily with the Buy Here Pay Here, Rent to Own, Payday Loan, and Consumer Counseling Services industries, we know who the core customer is and how to make marketing dollars work harder.

We know the subprime customer better than any other agency in the country!

The Art of Storytelling

“Why do we like stories so much?”

A great story sticks in your mind. Everyone loves a good underdog story. Apple isn’t just a technology company, and Starbucks isn’t just a coffee shop. People love the fact that a great story can move them.

At DBD Communications, we believe the dream and what that brand represents drives the customer to a sale.

It has to do with psychology and the way our brains work. So the next time you tell a story, or try to sell a product to a customer – why not spice it up a bit? Don’t drag on with facts and figures – tell a story and make it engaging.

We can show you the way.



DBD Communications is an innovative and creative full-service marketing agency. Our services build brand awareness and ultimately, grow your business. From strategic planning and development to social media campaigns, our team has one thing in mind – representing and growing YOUR specific brand. Here’s how we do it:

Strategic Marketing Plans for individual stores ensure you are spending your marketing budget efficiently.

We manage all of your Digital Marketing so you don’t have to: Email Marketing, Craigslist, Web Development, Pay Per Click and Web Analytics.

Communicate with your stores easily and efficiently, so every program can be executed without a hitch.

Develop community outreach initiatives to establish positive relationships resulting in Organic Branding and satisfied customers.

We will devise an effective Direct Mail Strategy to achieve the best response rate.

DBD covers all aspects of TV & Radio — from production to placement, and everything in between.

DBD has proven, flexible platforms that can be implemented both efficiently and cost-effectively.

Get valuable customers back with tried and tested programs.

Reach your customers at the ground level with Grassroots Campaigns.


Local Newspaper Ad Creation + Placement · Telephone Scripts
Billboard Production + Placement · In-Store Point of Puchase Materials
Texting Templates · Video Wall Creation · Lead Analysis · Call Tracking

Digital Services

Branding in the
Age of Social Media

In the era of Google, Facebook and YouTube, branding has become a difficult challenge.

Social Media was supposed to usher in a golden age of branding. Marketers originally thought these channels would let them bypass mainstream media while connecting directly with their consumers. Hoping to attract a huge audience with their branding message, many companies spent millions producing their own creative content. They hired agencies who promised – Viral. Buzz. Memes. Stickiness. And despite all the hoopla and efforts, consumers never showed up. In fact, Social Media seems to have made brands LESS significant.

What happened?

Social Media has transformed how culture works in ways that weakens many tried and true branding techniques. What we have learned is Brands succeed when they break through the culture in today’s environment. In this Social World you can’t continue to rely on traditional segmentation and trend reports to gain greater audience share… And that’s where we come in.






Hayes Financial/Aaron’s Sales & Lease
SEI/Aaron’s Inc,
Billy’s Hometown Sales & Lease
Cash Store

Easy Way
eZall Cleaner
EZ II Rent to Own
First Cash Advance
Hometown Rentals of VA
J.D. Byrider
Lease Zone

Premier Rental-Purchase
Premier Auto Outlet
RNR Custom Wheels and Tires
Sam’s Furniture
Showplace Inc.
Wheel City

Your media and direct mail combination has put us in the TOP 3 of the company. Thanks DBD!”

– Craig Baker, JDB Richmond, VA.

Our Team

Bob Williams, President
Bob Williams has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience and serves as the Chief Strategist and Founder of DBD Communications. Prior to founding DBD Communications, Bob was responsible for the strategy, execution, production and analysis of the marketing programs at Wendy’s, Glick’s Furniture and Galyans Sporting Goods. The goals of the agency have always been to maximize the customer experience and predict the client’s wants and needs.

Tiffany Huskey, Media Director
Tiffany started at DBD in 2007 as a media buyer. Tiffany has placed millions of dollars of traditional advertising in the subprime category. Tiffany loves achieving extraordinary media exposure opportunities. Grounded in strong media fundamentals, she analyzes carefully and negotiates hard for value-added exposure. Tiffany is highly proficient and detail-oriented, executing due diligence in every plan and program.

Renee Rosati, VP Account Service
Renee is strategic, analytical and creative. Appreciated for her ability, drive, and hard work, her enthusiasm is contagious. Renee has worked in every aspect of the business, from Media Buying and Negotiating to Account Service to Marketing director. She has worked on accounts from automotive to fast food to banking. Before coming to DBD she was the National Sales Manager at the local ABC/ FOX. Renee constantly looks for ways to anticipate clients’ ongoing needs and finding new media opportunities.

Jason Bouwman, Buyer
Jason enjoys bending the “media buying rules” to achieve extraordinary media exposure opportunities. Grounded in strong media fundamentals, he analyzes carefully and negotiates hard. His past experience includes Agency and Sales Representative experience. He has worked on major accounts like Taco Bell, Godfather’s Pizza, Voice Stream Wireless, Cellular One, Eagle Hardware, Northwest Ford, PetsMart, Parisian, McRae’s, Carsons, Yonkers, McDonalds, Wendy’s and Penn Traffic.

Paige Keinath, Graphic Design
Paige came to DBD to aid our design and creative department in 2015. She has experience in designing logos, catalogs, direct mail, and digital media. Her knowledge of design has made her a huge asset to the DBD team.

Brandon Levrault, Digital
Brandon’s passion for digital marketing is only surpassed by his vast knowledge of digital channels. He began his career at J.D. Byrider Auto Sales, giving him invaluable knowledge about the subprime industry. His digital expertise includes the creation and management of custom landing pages, Facebook Business Pages, Craigslist Postings and SEM.


Contact Us

Fill out the following form to get in touch with us. We’ll contact you soon to start the process of devising an individual marketing plan that will help your business succeed.

P: 614-588-0237

285 N State St. Ste 204
Westerville, OH 43081







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